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"Summer Cottage", Brenda Harris, designer 

Painted by Susan Adams Bentley

I painted this at a seminar at the Painting Goose in Temecula, California on April 30, 2004. What a wonderful place to have a seminar. The shop is a treasure and they pamper their seminar students! They also have the most beautiful picture frames Ive seen. The one framing this picture was purchased there. If youd like more information about the shop, their website is: .

As always, Brenda Harris did a wonderful job. She is the kind of instructor who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her patience and delightful personality make her seminars even more special.

I turned this design into a Spring Cottage because I wanted lots of flowers. I added the bird and birdbath to the design (a great idea from one of the students in the seminar), and, of course, I added a kitty.


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