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Real pumpkin painted with daisies and lilacsReal pumpkin painted with daisies and lilacs, doll in front

“Harvest Pumpkin”, Susan Adams Bentley, designer

Painted by Susan Adams Bentley

I painted this in early October 2002. I wanted to update you on how it held up. I kept it in the house until Thanksgiving 2002. Then I put it outside, where it remained. I live in Southern California, so we didn't have snow or really extreme temperatures. 

By April 2003, the pumpkin and the painting still looked fine (that’s 6 months!) It didn’t even start to spoil after it was rained on several times. Only one small painted leaf started to peel off. By the end of the summer, however, the painting was still fine, but the pumpkin had started to spoil, so I tossed it. 

This was an interesting experiment and I plan to paint another one in the Fall. It lasted about 9 or 10 months, which I think is a pretty long time!

Here is some information on how to prepare the surface if you haven't painted on pumpkins before.. 

1. Wash the pumpkin with soap and water, rinse, then dry with a paper towel. 

2. Spray the pumpkin with Krylon matte spray. This is one of those “hindsight” recommendations!   I don't think that leaf would have lifted if I had used a matte spray first.   

3. Transferring a pattern is a bit tricky on this surface. I drew chalk circles for the daisies, and pretty much free-handed the rest of the design. 

4. Paint with regular acrylics. Stroke designs are very appropriate for this type of surface. 

5. When the paint is dry and cured, spray the entire pumpkin with Krylon Low-Odor Clear Gloss. 

6. If you paint this prior to Halloween, it should last and look great through the Thanksgiving least!. 

7. Happy painting!


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