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Metallic scrolls and roses box, full viewMetallic scrolls and roses, view of top of id

“Metallic Scrolls and Roses Box”

Charles Johnson, designer

Painted by Susan Adams Bentley

I took this class at the February 2003 Creative Convention in Las Vegas. What a great time I had! 

Charles Johnson has always been one of my favorite teachers. In fact, if you look through my gallery, you'll see a number of projects I painted in his classes.  He has a way of making his students feel relaxed and happy in class. Painting this was an immense pleasure. 

Charles’ design had a green marble lid, which was gorgeous. However, I wanted to keep with the black and gold motif. I stayed after class and he helped me make a pattern for the lid. It incorporates the design aspects used on the bottom of the box. I’m thrilled with the results. This box has gold feet, but you can’t see them in the pictures. 



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