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Marquetry box, full view

“Marquetry Box”, Designed by Miguel Lucero

Painted by Susan Adams Bentley

My friend, Nancy Hornberger, CDA, taught this design to the Southern California Decorative Painters on 1/13/03. Nancy had the pleasure of taking a class taught by Miguel Lucero at an SDP convention and shared what she learned with us. Marquetry is a relatively new technique for me and I sure haven’t mastered it yet. Actually, I added the initial in the center because I didn’t like the way the center looked! I’ve always liked the idea of turning a mistake into a design opportunity. 

For me, the most challenging aspect of this was using the Gold opaque oil-based paint marker (Uni Paint/Medium Line PX-20). I didn’t have any paint remover in class, so this paint stayed where I put it…and not always in quite the right spots.


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