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Cabinet with hollyhocks and realistic birds  

Hollyhock Cabinet, Delane Lange, designer

Painted by Susan Adams Bentley

I took this class at the Orange County Tole/Decorative Painterís SDPC at Biola University in July 1999. Delane is a wonderful designer and Iím especially fond of this piece. I learned a lot in this class, but my favorite thing was learning how to scumble. 

TIP: If you arenít familiar with scumbling, hereís how we did it. Scumble by making two downward strokes next to each other  using a large, flat brush, and one horizontal stroke under them. When you get proficient at this, youíll come up with your own style. Work with plenty of paint, and work quickly to get a random, loose, appearance. 

On this piece, we started at the bottom of the cabinet with DecoArt Jade Green. We then scumbled upwards using Silver Sage Green, then Sand, and finally Pink Chiffon. Donít clean the brush between color changes. At the most, just wipe it on a dry towel, and use straight paint (no added water). The scumbled look should fade out by the time you reach the top of the cabinet. 

Painters, if you havenít scumbled, try it, youíll like it!



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