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I wrote the “Acrylic & Fabric Painter’s Reference Book” with the goal that it would be a one-source reference book for decorative painters who use acrylic paints. The first edition was released in 1989. The fourth (and last) edition was released in 1998. In spite of this, it is still a useful tool. Though the color charts do not include new colors added since 1998, the focus of this book is not the color conversions. In fact, when the first edition was being created, I added conversions as an afterthought! This is a “How to” book. (How to float color, how to prepare a variety of surfaces, etc.)

"Acrylic & Fabric Painter's Reference Book" Summary

Supplies: Describes 169 supplies & where to find them.  Pictures of 21 different brushes and 11 cross references.

Paints: Color Conversion Charts and in-depth information on 7 brands of regular acrylics and 6 brands of        enamels.  Also information (no charts) on fabric paints and specialty paints. 

Surfaces: How to prepare and finish 50 surfaces. 

Pattern Transfer: Basics of pattern transfer, including 5 methods for transfer to solid surfaces, and 7 for fabric. 

Brush Strokes: Instructions & illustrations for painting 39 brush strokes with two worksheets. 

Techniques: Describes 73 and how to do them. 

Color Choices: Basecoat, highlight, and shading guides for 9 color schemes using 5 brands of regular acrylics. 

Where Do You Go From Here? How to advance your skills using Internet sources, conventions, suggested books, videos, magazines, plus design hints. 

Contacts: How to contact artists and companies mentioned in the book. 

Index: 7 pages, in-depth, cross referenced.

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